Latest show

LET ME BE THE ONE, a musical about two men's determination to get the UK back on track at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, had its world premiere on 24th Oct 2019. Plans are underway for a second production run during this year's Eurovision week in Rotterdam in May. Bekijk deze ruimte (Dutch for - watch this space)!


Videos of all sixteen songs from the live shows of THE PECKING ORDER can be found by following this link.


Previous shows

LET ME BE THE ONE made its debut in Knaresborough, Harrogate on Oct 24th 2019. Three nights in the north were followed by four London shows. Over 650 people watched this Eurovision inspired show.

THE PECKING ORDER made its debut in North Yorkshire on Nov 21st 2018. Over 400 people came to see it across four nights.

GOING GREY was the first musical to be undertaken by Drip Drop Theatre. Across its three production runs in 2012 and 2013, it was performed for a total of fifteen nights.