Song medley

Medley of songs from the show including P.E.D., In The Bubble, Write Us A Song, Nobody But Me, Never Ending, Music & Lyrics, Shake It and Change The Record.


Change The Record (Whole cast)

Pain (Jackie, family & friends)

P.E.D. (Nicky & patients)

Write Us A Song (Eurovision fans)

Always The Bridesmaid medley (Young Andy, Young Nicky & ensemble)

Never Ending (Sarah & ESC dancers)

Shake It (Sally & Cathy)

In With A Chance (Andy, Nicky, Jackie & Sally)


The Story So Far medley (Whole cast)

Walk Away (Andy & Nicky)

Nobody But Me (Andy & Sarah)

In The Bubble (Eurovision fans)

Music & Lyrics (Andy, Nicky, Jackie & Sally)

Let Me Be The One (Andy, Nicky & backing singers)

The Magic Number (Whole cast)

Finale (Whole cast)

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